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Just Laugh’s Guide to Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!!!

Unless you’ve been living under a pumpkin spice rock lately, you’re probably already painfully aware that with the coming of fall, pumpkin season is also officially upon us! With Starbucks’ beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte now [...]

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  • 20150922_thepope_50402558
    He’s here, he’s queer … no wait, that doesn’t sound right… He’s actually the leader of the Catholic Church and God’s second in command, and this week his Grand Papalness has traveled all the way from his home high upon Mount Olympus to bestow upon those of us humble Americans who foolishly believe in his shenanigans the true path towards righteousness and free blessings and all sorts of shit like that. Luckily, our crack staff managed to stumble upon [...]



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